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Meet the Team David J Kelvin - PhD

David J Kelvin - PhD

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Research Bio
Dr. Kelvin has a strong background in immune development and regulation with a focus on chemokines in immunity. Currently, Dr. Kelvin is a senior scientist in the Institute of Infection and Immunity in Shantou, China. As well he holds a position of senior scientist in the Experimental Therapeutics Department at the Toronto General Research Institute part of the University Health Network in Toronto, Canada.

Dr. Kelvinís laboratory currently focuses on host immunity of emerging and established infectious diseases including SARS, Bird Flu, West Nile and HIV. Using gene expression profiling techniques such as cDNA microarrays, Dr. Kelvinís group has identified key immune mediators previously not implicated in the development of these deleterious infectious diseases. As well, the group has outlined many signature profiles of the hostís response during the onset and eveolution of these infections, in particular focusing on the establishment chemokine and cytokine networks. The work of Dr. Kelvinís lab has identified novel keystones leading to advances in the identification and diagnosis, treatment, and vaccination of emerging and established infectious diseases.

Previously Dr. Kelvin's lab has focused on various areas of immunity such as transplantation research, immune cell signaling and chemokine receptor evolution. Most notably, the lab made significantly contributions to the transplantation field by founding TransNet, a network enabling scientists from Canada to contribute and share data from transplant patients and transplantation experiments. The shared data is used for the development of invaluable transplant rejection models benefiting the treatment of transplant patients.

Director - Division of Immunology

Head - Division of Experimental Therapeutics

Senior Scientist - Division of Experimental Therapeutics