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At the International Institute of Infection and Immunity we carry out projects in virology and Immunology. We believe it is essential to understand both the pathogen and the host immune system to design new ways of preventing the spread of viral diseases. We currently carry out projects designed to understand the spread of viruses in the wild and we also study the human immune system in people infected with emerging and remerging infectious diseases. Linked with the research communities at Hong Kong University, Shantou University and the University Health Network in Toronto, Canada the International Institute of Infection and Immunity draws on research expertise to undertake molecular and biological experimentation on the spread and cause of disease viral infections. Current projects include Dengue Fever, Avian Influenza, Season Influenza, and SARS.

Dengue Fever

Dengue Fever is currently spreading northward throughout the Guangdong Province in China. Dengue virus can cause severe neurological problems in individuals infected with this virus. To understand the molecular and cellular basis of disease we are currently using genomic and proteomic analysis of clinical samples from hospitalized people infected with Dengue Virus.

Avian Influenza

With linkages at Hong Kong University, Turkey, Indonesia, and Toronto scientists at the International Institute of Infection and Immunity are studying how Avian Influenza spreads throughout avian species as well as studying how this virus causes death in humans. Specific projects include development of animal models for H5N1 human disease, mechanisms of human pathology, incidence of human infections of H5N1 in China and Turkey, development of immunotherapuetics that prevent H5N1 disease, H5N1 anti virals, and vaccine development.

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